Case Studies

Optimum sample preparation from Erzlabor, a spin-off from the prestigious Helmholzt-Institute Freiberg, utilising full Logitech Geological Thin Section Preparation system solutions.

One of the UK’s leading research academic institutions and a Logitech customer for over 20 years. Utilising Logitech LP systems for large format slides of soil and thin sections.

A micro company developed through expertise and quality of thin sections exclusively utilising Logitech equipment since it’s establishment. Optimum solutions for thin sections across various materials.

Leading Australian academic institution with a focus on engineering, science and technology. A customer of Logitech for over 30 years utilising our LP systems for both teaching and research purposes.

One of Britain’s leading universities utilising the Logitech CMP-Tribo for the polish of Nanocrystaline Diamond films for a project with Imperial College London and The University of Oxford.

SRC is a world-leading technology and commercialisation provider. Producing “difficult” geology samples and polished sections with a full Logitech system solution.

The University of Augsburg’s Institute of Physics utilises the Logitech PM5 Precision Lapping & Polishing System in the process of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic. Read their technical paper.

LNF, of the University of Michigan, offers fabrication, simulation, testing & characterisation of MEMS/NEMS and microfluid systems utilising a Logitech PM5 Lapping & Polishing System.