Geological Sciences

Delivering a wide range of versatile systems for Trimming, Lapping, Polishing and Geological Thin Section Preparation sections.

Our team bring a wealth of knowledge and problem solving skills in producing high quality geological thin sections, such as rock thin sections and soils.  By working with you we can assist you in integrating the relevant processes and systems to meet your material processing requirements. Such as weekly output, surface finish and geometric tolerances.

We provide a quick and effective route to complete success in thin section preparation. This is due to having over 50 years experience in design and manufacture of high precision equipment and in sophisticated materials processing.

Application Analysis

Our systems are typically used in the processing of thin or ultra thin sections of:

Generally the standard thin section production can be broken down into the following basic steps:

  • Slabbing and trimming of field specifications
  • Impregnating soft, porous or friable material (optional)
  • First face lapping of cut material
  • Preparation of slides to uniform thickness
  • Bonding specimens to prepared slides
  • Thinning bonded specimens
  • Lapping specimens to chosen thickness
  • Polishing specimens (optional)

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