Indium Phosphide

What is Indium Phosphide?

Indium Phopshide (InP) is a binary semiconductor composed of Indium (In) and Phosphorus (P), belonging to a group of materials commonly known as III-V Semiconductors. InP is used in high power and high-frequency electronics and boasts a superior electron velocity in comparison to more common semiconductors such as Silicon and Gallium Arsenide.

It’s direct band gap also makes it useful in the production of opto-electronic devices such as laser diodes.

Indium Phosphide Processing

Indium Phosphide has a face-centred cubic crystal structure almost identical to that of GaAs and most of the lll-V semiconductors.

InP wafers must be prepared prior to device fabrication, all III-V wafers must be lapped to remove surface damage that occurs during the slicing process. Wafers are then Chemically Mechanically Polished/Plaranrized (CMP) for the final material removal stage allowing for the attainment of super-flat mirror like surfaces with a remaining roughness on an atomic scale. The wafer is then ready for device fabrication.

Logitech systems can typically produce InP wafers with a TTV of 1-3μm.

For more information on using Logitech systems in the process of Indium Phosphide contact one of our technical experts

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Indium Phosphide

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