Technology Transfer Programme

Logitech training courses are an integral part of our materials processing systems.

Over 50 years of experience has proven that they are the best method of providing information and guidance on the use and maintenance of Logitech machine systems.

Our in-house lab team of Process Development Engineers have years of experience and demonstrate the most up to date and advanced techniques available. Trainees benefit from our continuous research and development, which means that process methods are improved and updated constantly.

Our courses are used by our clients for retraining, training of new team members or to obtain expert support with their application issues.

“In general everything was superb. Trainers integration is brilliant, along with the rest of the team. Nothing was too much trouble. The lab set up was good. They knew what specific targets each client has and made sure all areas are covered. I am so much more confident now on using the Logitech equipment. I also feel confident in using the after sales and customers services. Thank you”  – Lee Paul, University of Manchester

Course Agenda

Trainee’s visit our Logitech laboratories here in Glasgow, Scotland and work over 3 days with our in-house Process Development Engineers to perfect their processes for their application requirements.

Work with your own samples to produce the highest standard specimen to your strict specifications with process methods taught by our engineers and take the knowledge with you to apply to your every day work.

Each course is limited to two or three individuals with similar training needs, allowing very close, and often individual, tuition. As Logitech courses are tailored to your exact requirements, all of your specific needs and problems receive full attention.

Emphasis is placed on processing the trainee’s own samples, so the training prepares you to achieve stringent specifications back in your own work environment. Our dedicated Logitech Process Team are always on hand after your course to offer process advice and problem solving knowledge.

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