The Logitech approach is focused on achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, through the provision of product quality, delivery and service, as viewed through the eyes of our customers.
Logitech pursues total customer loyalty through manufacturing excellence to deliver the highest quality products and support, globally.  To achieve this we focus is on:
  • Market orientated design
  • Precision engineered and high quality manufacturing
  • Providing access to considerable in-house materials processing expertise
  • Top quality after-sales support

Lean Management

Quality is a fundamental part of everything we do and we have a number of formal and informal mechanisms to reinforce our commitment to the very highest standards throughout our business.

We currently have two teams working on lean management projects within the company.  This is to ensure that we remain committed to providing high levels of product quality, delivery and service.


We’re also fully committed to ensuring our work is accredited with regulators and umbrella organisations.  Logitech is certified to ISO 9001:2015


Introduction of the REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) regulation for EU companies came into force on June 1st 2007. It relates to all manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemicals and registration of all quantities over 1 tonne or more per year.  Logitech position and relevance to REACH.