Saskatchewan Research Council

A Geology Research & Development case study

Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) is a world-leading technology and commercialisation provider.

SRC has been a key client since 2010 and are currently using a range of Logitech products including: LP50 and PM5 lapping and polishing systems, GTS1 saw, WG2 polishing system and a range of precision jigs for the preparation of thin geology sections.

The results of using Logitech machinery are higher value in product quality and performance, operations efficiency and increased productivity.


As Logitech systems are recognised as the global standard for geological thin section preparation, it was identified that this was the optimum solution for SRC’s needs.  This system enables SRC researchers handle difficult geology samples and make polished thin sections.

The difficulty imposed stems from the types of materials they are processing. These are highly altered rocks (>90% clay), metallurgical samples, grain mounts and thin sections of rocks or clay.  They are also processing highly radioactive rocks, which can carry up to 80% uranium.

The results

The SRC team in partnership with our experts, were able to easily synergise the Logitech system with existing processes and machinery.  Providing a single location for the processing of all sample preparation and analysis, whilst minimising downtime.

This has resulted in high levels of praise and customer satisfaction on the superior quality of thin and difficult sections.

The benefits

SRC chose Logitech over other suppliers based on the long established products, long term performance and lifespan.  Other important criteria included Logitechs advanced technology and exceptional customer service.

The researchers at SRC have highlighted the operational efficiency of the equipment and the excellent technical support as the greatest customer benefits.