University of Stirling

A Geoarchaeology & Soil Micromorphology Education & Research case study

University of Stirling is one of the UK’s leading research academic institutions. A Logitech client for over 20 years, they are currently using LP automatic lapping and polishing systems and a compact polishing machine.


The main challenge for the academic sector is securing funds for large purchases. In turn this created the need for reliable, robust, reasonably priced and complete systems.

Logitech equipment was chosen due to its advanced product quality performance in high volume production operations and R&D processes, with high precision.

The results

Working with Logitech equipment provided the University with:

  • Highly precise and advanced operations, including the production of large format (110 x 75mm) slides of soil and sediment thin sections (of 30μm)
  • Advanced productivity on a large production scale
  • Operational efficiency and effectiveness

The benefits

Exceptional customer service and continuous technical support is an integral part of Logitech’s strategy and has proven to be an invaluable aspect for the University over time.

Constant technical support on system repairs and troubleshooting has maximised the longevity and optimised utilisation of the equipment and material application processes.