University of New South Wales

A Geology Science case study

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is a leading Australian academic institution with a strong research focus on diverse areas of engineering, science and technology. Having a cutting edge performance and results orientation, the former UNSW Geology Department now incorporated into the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, has been a Logitech customer for the past 30 years.

Having used Logitech LP30 systems since the 1980’s, UNSW recently purchased a LP50 system. The equipment is used for both teaching and research purposes and consistently achieves accurate and excellent results.

The need

Challenges such as time constraints, volume and variety of geological specimen and rock sample preparation, created the need for superior equipment. The equipment needed to produce repeatable and consistent results, whilst also having a high volume throughput.

Product quality and performance were identified as primary needs to enable UNSW researchers to successfully carry-out:

  • Preparation of rock sections, of diverse rock types
  • Consultation for engineering, exploration and mining projects
  • Research into crystal structures
  • Analysis of how different rocks have formed
  • Teaching on glass slides and identification of different rocks through the use of a petrological microscope

The results

The Logitech equipment has helped UNSW produce superior quality geological thin sections which surpass others on the market. It has assisted with the increase in productivity and reduced the time spent on each application, through efficiency and its user friendly operation.

In addition the LP50 system has enabled the team to achieve reliable and accurate results in its research activities, as well as being an ideal teaching tool.

The benefits

UNSW, has enjoyed a longterm relationship with Logitech and has always received exceptional customer service and process support. This includes assistance and guidance from the slightest operational query through to advice and support on material processing issues.

Investing in Logitech equipment, which has being delivering cutting edge results for 30 years, has been of great benefit to UNSW. Additionally, the product quality and performance has received the highest remarks and has never failed to satisfy customers in providing samples for analysis.