UK Semiconductors Conference 2022, Sheffield Hallam University, July 6-7 (Past Event)

Logitech are pleased to be exhibiting at the UK Semiconductors Conference 2022 hosted at Sheffield Hallam University. Join as at Stand 9, on July 6th and 7th.

Logitech Ltd are world leaders in materials processing, shaping and surface finishing technologies. Specialising in routes to success in wafer thinning across a wide variety of semiconductor materials. We offer turnkey system solutions across lapping, polishing, CMP, bonding, cutting, test and measurement equipment for device fabrication processes. Logitech offers a breadth of knowledge and problem solving skills in semiconductor wafer thinning (back-lapping) and geometric control across a wide variety of semiconductor materials used for various applications. Materials include Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Sapphire, Gallium Arsenide and Indium Phosphide.