Safety Data Sheets

We produce Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to provide information on the chemical, physical and potentially hazardous properties of the consumables we sell.

We hope the information contained in these documents provides you with sufficient information to ensure it is both suitable and safe for use within your processes and organisation.

If you require further information on the characteristics of our products, please contact us or review our REACH statement.

Boron Carbide

CC Lube Grease

Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder

Aluminium Oxide

DB Soluble Oil

Chemlox Polishing Fluid

Diamond Powder

DP Diamond Suspension

Dressing stone

ECOCLEAR De-Bonding Fluid

Ethanediol Polishing Fluid

EPOPACK 301 – Hardener

EPOXYPACK 301- Resin

Glycol Phthalate Wax

Heating Oil for WSB Units

K-43 Polishing Fluid

Keystone Oil Blue Dye

Logipol 3micron CMD30

LogiPol 35 Polishing Fluid

LogiPol CS20

LogiPol CS60

LogiPol Haze Inhibitor – Haze Suppressant

LogiPol Haze Inhibitor Premix

Logipol HDS

M27 Soluble Oil

Oil Based Suspension Fluid

SF1 Polishing Fluid

Plasticised General Bonding Wax

Silicon Carbide

Quartz Wax

Thin Film Bonding Wax

Ultragrade 19 Vacuum Oil

Wax Cement

UV Resin