Sample Retention/Precision Jigs


What is the best parallelism for a jig?

Typical flatness of a sample lapped with a Logitech precision lapping jig is 1 micron per inch of sample diameter or better. If you are not achieving this level than we recommend that you check the condition and flatness of your lapping plate and jig.

What is the maximum angle on a jig?

The maximum angle on a Logitech jig is +/-3°.

How long will a Logitech Jig last?

If properly maintained a Logitech jig will last for many years with few parts needing replaced.

It is recommended that jigs are stripped down for maintenance at a minimum of every 6 months or when necessary?

What is the maximum sample load on a Logitech Jig?

The maximum load for samples used with a Logitech Precision Jig is:

PP5 used with angular adjustment plate – 2.8kg load
PP6 used with angular adjustment plate – 4.8kg load
PP8 – 6.7kg load
PP9 – 9.5kg load

What is the minimum required groove depth of my drive ring?

Drive ring replacement
Over time the drive ring on your lapping jig will be worn away, this will be evident through the reduction of the groove depth when you invert the jig. When the grooves become shallow you can re-cut them if you have the necessary equipment (Logitech do not perform this service) and we would recommend that the new depth cut is 2.5mm. The second time this happens we recommend that you replace the drive ring, a replacement can be sourced fom Logitech