Geo Materials Symposium, 11 September 2024

The Logitech team look forward to once again participating in Geo Materials Science Symposium 2024, being held on Wednesday 11th September 2024 at the School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol.  The symposium attracts a diverse range of specialists with expertise in earth, environmental and civil engineering, materials and archaeology from both educational institutions and the private sector.

As in previous years it will include opportunities for knowledge transfer in the skills and different techniques of thin section preparation, the preparation of high quality petrographic sections and surfaces for microscopy analysis,including sample cutting, resin impregnation and stabilisation, grinding, lapping and polishing for EBSD, EMP, TEM and SEM.

The team at Logitech look forward to exhibiting and presenting at the symposium, where we will showcase our range of systems for producing high quality geological thin sections, such as rock thin sections and soils.

Arrange a meeting at the show with our local Logitech representative by emailing