Brazos Valley Petrographic & Thinsection Service

A Thinsection start up business case study

Brazos Valley Petrographic & Thin section Service (BVPTS), is a micro company developed through the expertise and extraordinary quality of its thin sections. The advanced quality off the thin sections, prompted numerous principal researchers to motivate the owner to create his own business.

BVPTS, has been exclusively using Logitech equipment since it started, 5 years ago.  The company has found this has greatly influenced the high quality and superior standards of their service and products.

As a small business they required a cost effective system that produced superior quality and long term cutting edge performance.

Having worked with Logitech LP and PM equipment since 1995, the company knew that we could supply a system to perfectly meet its needs and provide the ultimate product quality and performance required.

The results

The Logitech PM5 and the LP50 were identified as the optimum lapping and polishing solutions to carry out the required thin section applications. The equipment has been specifically used for:

  • Round thin sections
  • Standard thin sections
  • Oversized thin sections
  • Billet polish
  • Core polish
  • Grain mounts
  • Many other materials that can be mounted on to a slide

The benefits

The return on investment from Logitech equipment has exceeded the expected requirements and has proven to be an invaluable asset for the company; particularly due to the longevity and functionality of the systems.

In addition the continuous customer support and technology transfer has been vital to the company; especially the speed of response on all system and application issues.