Application Process Notes

Logitech know how.

We have developed a wide range of  application notes in order for you to gain a deeper understanding of the technologies involved in working with certain materials and applications.

Each application note details process requirements, methodologies and system specifications required in order to process a sample to its optimum geometric control.

gaas wafer backthinning

4” GaAs Wafer Backthinning


Polishing Fibre Arrays

concrete thin section

Concrete Thin Section Production

thin section prep

Thin Section Preparation

coal thin and ultra thin

Coal Thin & Ultra Thin Section Preparation

fused wafers

Fused Wafers

laser rod polishing

Laser Rod Polishing

LED substrate prep

LED Substrate Preparation
Silicon Carbide, Sapphire & Gallium Nitride


Silicon Carbide, Sapphire & Gallium Nitride
Substrate Preparation


Silicon on Silicon

tooth thin sec prep

Tooth Thin Section Preparation